Meet The Wisper Team

At Wisper Internet, we aren’t about titles. Titles do not take us to where we need to go, great leadership does. The true definition of leadership is all about developing people and helping others reach their full potential. Here at Wisper we believe in leadership, management, and creating opportunities that make a difference, both for our team and for our customers. Meet the great leaders that guide our tribe to success!

Our Leadership Team

Marc Gibbs
VP, Customer Experience

Marc can be found around the office, rockin’ his mohawk, and customer service skillz. Curiosity and analytical thinking are what he brings to the table. When taking time for himself, outside of raising his sons, he enjoys tattoos, craft beer, and new ways to solve homelessness.

Chris Sigley
Chief Technology Officer
Chris is a seasoned leader in the Internet Service Provider realm. He enjoys building networks where it’s too difficult for other carriers to provide service. When he’s not expanding the network, you can catch him at Busch stadium or on a run with his dog, Junos.

Aaron Roach
VP, Field Operations
Aaron has spent 20 years in the telecommunications industry, you could say he knows his stuff. Field Operations is his bread and butter, but he likes to help out where he can. After hours he can be found with his wife watching their 5 kids playing sports, out at the local dirt racetrack, or golfing.

Shannon Shores
VP, Sales & Marketing
Shannon is a leader, entrepreneur, and kind-hearted badass. Sales and Marketing is her game, thanks to her social work background. Fueled by Diet Coke, be ready to talk fast and think fast so you can keep up!

Mark Albertyn
You haven’t met a money guy until you’ve met Mark. He is also a family man frequently spotted playing outside with his two sets of twins. Plot twist, he was a professional volleyball player in South Africa. We’ll let you guess his height.

Nathan Stooke
Chief Executive Officer
Nathan is a fixed wireless guru with a passion for helping others. He is a CEO by day but a world championship swimmer, dyslexia advocate, and so much more that takes way too long to type. Moral of the story, he isn’t a stranger to hard work.

Ginny Wood
Ginny is a P&L ninja that takes business to another level. Her motto? Anything new or challenging is worth the adventure. If you want to learn how to code, run, swim, bike, or practice how to keep your cup full, Ginny’s your gal.

Kylee Brown
VP, Human Resources
Kylee is a driving force for Wisper culture, core values, and employees. You can find her spending time with family or rallying for the local pet shelter with such a big heart.

Peter Juan
VP, Information Systems

Pete is an IT master that’s dabbled in a variety of industries. Most days he’s all about tech, but he can be found fishing and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

If you have a quality Internet connection, you can use VoIP – all while using your home phone. Wisper’s phone service has NO additional taxes
or hidden fees.


  • Residential VoIP: $25 per month
  • Business VoIP: $40 per month
  • Enterprise VoIP: Contact us for a quote.


  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Name (in most cases)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Connect All Lines in Your Existing Home Wiring (extra charge)
  • Enhanced 911
  • Keep Your Phone Number (in most cases) or Get a New One
  • 411 (extra charge)
  • Call Waiting (extra charge)

*Not available in all areas. Local and Long Distance Calling to the Lower 48 States - International Calling and Canada Calling not available

Wisper Home App

Included in every wireless internet package

  • Top of the Line Router
  • Device Priority
  • On the Go Tech Support
  • Cutting Edge Wi-Fi
  • Fully Managed Connection
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Guest Network
  • Parental Controls


Sign up for Wisper Autopay, and get $50 off your installation fee!