Using Parental Controls to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

“Don’t talk to strangers on the internet, they’ll try to kidnap you!” As kids who grew up at the same time that the internet was coming into its own, we heard things like this constantly from our parents. Don’t put your real name on the internet, never give out personal information, and don’t respond to… Read More

4 Valuable Things To Know About CAF II and FCC Rural Broadband

Headquartered in Southern Illinois, Wisper ISP, Inc. provides high-speed reliable internet to residents in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma (Arkansas will be added to their coverage area soon). Wisper is a rising competitor in the Wireless Internet Industry, as they were the second-largest winner in the FCC’s rural broadband auction, the Connect America Fund… Read More

What Is Fixed Wireless – And Is It For Me?

Today there are several ways to get an Internet connection. Families rely on it more than ever for homework, work, entertainment, and to stay connected. Many are familiar with traditional Internet options such as Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, and Satellite. However, fixed wireless is a new name in the game. It is gaining more and… Read More

How to Succeed in a Phone Interview

Hi, my name is Bre and I am a Human Resources Specialist at Wisper Internet. I enjoy my position in HR because I get to be a part of the driving force that grows the Wisper Team. I love watching Wisper grow because it makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger than… Read More

4 Ways to Effectively Measure your Leadership

What does it mean to lead? Let’s turn to our good friend, Merriam Webster. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, to lead means to “direct the operations, activity, or performance of.” Seems simple enough, right? But to lead can come in many different approaches and styles. Since starting Wisper Internet from my garage in 2003,… Read More

10 Valuable Things To Spotlight About Our COO

To be the most efficient and successful version of itself, Wisper Internet has adopted the EOS Model. The EOS Model outlines the idea that there are six key components to every business, no matter the size or industry. The six components are vision, data, process, traction, issues, and people. The model then continues to say… Read More