Coming Soon: Introducing Device Priority in the Wisper Home App

How many times have you had the bandwidth fight while working from home?

Someone is trying to work, someone is trying to call-in for online learning, and someone else wants to watch Netflix. Streaming video takes up most of your bandwidth and slows down or disconnects your other devices, resulting in frustration and possibly arguing over who gets to use the internet at what times.

Last year, we introduced the Wisper Home app as part of our new and improved Wisper Care Plan. In case you missed it, The Wisper Home app is a feature of our new Calix routers that gives our customers the ability to control their internet from their phones.

Wisper Home comes with built-in antivirus protection for all the devices in your network, even your smart devices. You can also set up guest networks in the app to further keep your network protected. Wisper Home also allows users to set up parents controls and children’s profiles for their devices to keep them on the kid-friendly side of the internet and lets parents avoid the “5 more minutes” fight with time limits. And we’re still adding new features!

Now you can set device priority in the Wisper Home app. Device priority allows you to select which devices can use the majority of your bandwidth, so no more getting kicked out of a meeting because someone else is online gaming.

This feature can be especially useful when some members of your household are working or learning from home. Even if you don’t have other users competing for your bandwidth, some devices and services can use more of your available speed than others, so if you like listening to music while you’re working, you don’t have to worry about your work call cutting you off because of it.

Device priority can make a big difference regardless of your job description. If you’re a professional gamer, it allows you to make sure that your gaming applications and devices have priority for the best possible gaming and streaming experience.

You can also set schedules for your devices so that during work or school hours, those devices stay connected, but you’ve clocked out for the day, the priority automatically switches over to streaming devices or gaming computers.

For step-by-step instructions on device priority and other Wisper Home features, you can take a look at our instructional videos on our Youtube channel! We also have video discussions with our friends at Calix with Q&A’s and demonstrations, which you can find on our live show, Behind the Internet.

So next time your connection slows down while you’re trying to run more than one device in your home, check your device priority settings in the Wisper Home app!