Looking Back at 2020

Looking Back at 2020

2020 has been a stand-out year, to say the least.

It may not have been the year we envisioned, but it did give us an opportunity to shift our focus. We learned new ways to connect with family, how to improve our mental health, and most importantly, how to watch our favorite shows online.

We looked back at our Behind the Internet episodes from this year and pulled out a few of our favorite highlights from 2020 to share as we get ready for great things in 2021!

Video Conferencing

Some of us had already dipped our toes into the Zoom pool before 2020, but for the vast majority, it was a learning curve.

We’ve gotten creative with our video calls this year, using them for everything from family holiday celebrations, game nights, happy hours, and even dates. We also saw a lot of businesses utilizing video conferences to host events like group workouts, dance classes, and bingo night. Doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and school classes also moved online this year.

And of course, we needed a video conferencing to work from home. More people worked from home this year than ever before, and the majority of business happened over video calls. Interviews, team meetings, and important business conferences all shifted to online venues to allow employees to keep themselves and their families safe.

Until we can all get back into the office and out to see our families, we predict video calls will continue well into 2021.

Mental health

Another topic that gained some recognition in 2020 was mental health. We had a couple of conversations about mental health and technology on Behind the Internet (you can watch those on our Facebook and Youtube!), and how to separate work and home when they exist in the same place.

We talked about having time between the end of the workday before transitioning into home life. Before work-from-home, most of us had time to decompress during our commute home, but now that our commute goes from the upstairs office to the living room downstairs. We have to take a minute to stop, take a minute to ourselves to turn our work brains off.

Another problem that came up during quarantine was feeling isolated from friends and family. Video calls were great for keeping us connected, but a lot of us came up with fun and innovative ways to safely see our families, like socially distanced picnics.

Mental health is important every year, but especially in 2020, and the awareness of mental health and self-care will definitely continue into 2021.


And of course, this year we talked a lot about technology. We looked at essential apps to get us through quarantine this spring, we talked a lot about streaming services and how to get them, and in 2020 we introduced the Wisper Home app!

With screentime up across the board, apps were a key part of 2020. TikTok exploded in popularity this year, and so did Zoom and CashApp. Fitness apps like RunKeeper were popular, and so was the meditation app Headspace.

Free streaming services like Peacock TV and Pluto TV gained popularity this year, along with streaming devices like the #1 rated Roku and Amazon Firestick. We spent a lot of time watching TV and movies this year, which might be one of the few things to drop off in 2021.

And finally, we launched our Wisper Home app in October! The Wisper Home app, along with our new Calix routers, allows our customers to have more control over their internet. Wisper Home lets you create parental controls, guest networks, and secure passwords right on your phone. The app comes with built-in antivirus protection for all your smart devices and helps you monitor activity on your network.

It’s been a year to remember, but there were a few good things to come out of 2020 that we’re excited to see in the new year.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?