Wisper Celebrates 4-H Week

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A key component to providing reliable internet service to rural communities is supporting groups, clubs, and organizations in those communities.

For many years, Wisper has partnered with schools and especially 4-H clubs to provide services that facilitate and improve educational atmospheres whether it be in a classroom, in a field, or barn.

Chartered in 1933, New Ideal 4-H Club based in Mascoutah is one of the oldest clubs in St. Clair County, Ill., and has been active each year since. The club consists of members from ages eight to 18 and membership ranges from 15 to 30 members. The Cloverbud program consists of children ages five to seven.

Carol Seibert has been involved with the New Deal club for more than 30 years and has seen many changes over the past three decades.

“Unlike when 4-H began the girls entered sewing and cooking projects and boys entered livestock and crop projects, 4-H now offers over 60 different choices of projects,” Siebert explained. “Each member selects several projects of interest and studies these items during the current year including a project that they will be able to show at the end of 4-H year show.”

Siebert added last year with the Covid-19 restrictions reliable internet was essential to keeping the clubs connected.

“Most of the clubs held their monthly meetings by Zoom,” Siebert said. “County information, as well as club information, is sent via email – no more waiting for the mail to come or having to call each family. Facebook is also being used as an information center.”

Siebert added project information not readily available thru the office or at home is easily provided by the internet for show projects and demonstrations. Last year’s livestock and Show-A-Rama were canceled for the first time ever in person. The show did go on via the internet.

New Ideal 4-H Club meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 in the basement of St. John UCC Church, Mascoutah.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Wisper Internet understands the integration of connectivity and technology into modern-day agriculture is increasing at a fast pace and shows no signs of slowing down.

“As a company committed to connecting rural communities, Wisper understands the importance and supports rural education,” Wisper Founder and CEO Nathan Stooke said. ” Today’s members of 4-H clubs represent tomorrow’s farmers, ranchers, and producers we rely on daily. Reliable internet and easy access to technology in the 4-H club or on their family farms help lay the strong foundations for their futures.”

As Wisper has spread over five states serving 20,000 customers our responsibility and dedication to enriching the lives of the future agriculture leaders has expanded as well.

During this national 4-H week Wisper salutes the families who work hard every day to bring us food, textiles, and products to sustain life in more ways than we can count.

Just like the young women and men in 4-H clubs across the country, Wisper is a tribe of humbly confident life-long learners, driving to solution and continuously committing to serve one another in the relentless pursuit of a better and better customer experience.

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