Wisper Helps Keep Small Business Connected During Pandemic

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In 2020, roughly 50% of Americans were working from home, and while some of us have to worry about checking our email and attending the weekly conference call, others have adapted to fully running their small business from their homes. Whether that’s shipping orders, answering customer inquiries, or in this case, hosting virtual music lessons.

Stephanie Frosch started offering private music lessons back in high school when her music teacher suggested she take on her own students. Her business took off, and she’s been teaching classes ever since.

Stephanie FroschStephanie teaches primarily woodwind instruments, but her students also learn fundamental music techniques, music history, and music theory. They also start with some basics, like how to properly take care of your instrument. Beyond the musical element of lessons, Stephanie teaches her students how to deal with performance anxiety and how to nail an audition.

While she started out with in-person lessons five days a week, Stephanie has expanded her offerings to include video lessons streamed from her home studio. As a private music teacher, Stephanie strives to give the best learning experience she can to each student. And with video lessons on the rise, a strong internet connection helps her keep in touch with her students.

Even during her in-person lessons, Stephanie uses her wifi to research new pieces for her students, purchase teaching materials and uses YouTube to recommend recordings for students to watch. She also has a Google Classroom where she shares documents and information with her students. Once her students graduate, the internet helps Stephanie stay in contact with them through email and Facebook.

Wisper’s goal is to bridge the gap in rural America with fast internet. In other words, we help you connect and create opportunities in your community. That’s exactly how we’re helping Stephanie create opportunities for her students. We started out as a small business, and we want to help others grow their small businesses from anywhere, even from home.

Stephanie didn’t choose Wisper for her internet. You could say that we chose her, as we acquired the company that had been providing her service, and according to Stephanie, she stayed with us for the excellent customer service and tower upgrades that improved the signal and made working from home much easier. For our rural customers, finding a reliable internet company that doesn’t break the bank and provides a reliable connection can be tough. Standard cable internet companies generally aren’t available outside major metro areas, and some rural internet companies charge frighteningly expensive installation and equipment fees. For our Wisper customers, as long as you are within line of sight of one of our towers, all you need to begin receiving fixed wireless internet is a receiver.

To a prospective Wisper business or home customer, Stephanie says she would recommend us! “I’ve had no serious issues with internet connection and speed. Yes, occasionally there will be outages due to unforeseen circumstances. But typically it is not down for long and the customer service line has always been very helpful,” she says. She also takes advantage of our social media pages to keep up to date on any outages, repairs, and promotions.

When working from home, it’s important to have reliable internet, but if you live beyond the reach of typical internet providers, finding an internet provider can be tough. Wisper can help you stay connected without sacrificing quality or price, so you can continue to run your business from home, even after we all return to the office.

Interested in private music lessons for your child? Stephanie works with students ages 10 and up. You can contact her at stephaniefrosch34@gmail.com. Interested in-home or business internet? Contact us at WisperISP.com.

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