Wisper Home Debuts New Look with Summer Update

The Wisper Home app has officially updated its look. Along with a new layout designed to make the interface even easier to use, the Summer 2021 updates also include several new features.

If you’ve already downloaded the Wisper Home app, you’ll need to update your app to get the new look. You might update automatically, or you can visit your app store and select “Update.” Once your app is up to date, you’ll see the new layout. None of the major functions or locations of the features in your app have changed, but they do look a little different!

If you’re new to the Wisper Home app, you can get started by setting your preferences and profiles. From the main dashboard, you can view your network and network settings, as well as your People, Places, and Things profiles. Under your Network tab, you can set and change your wifi passwords, create guest networks, and check your bandwidth usage. Also within the app, you can set up basic and advanced parental controls based on devices or profiles, check your internet upload and download speeds, and manage your device priority settings.

In the last update in January 2021, we introduced Device Priority through the Wisper Home app. Device priority allows users to create a list of devices to help distribute bandwidth, so for example work laptops can take priority over gaming computers or iPads. No more getting kicked out of meetings when someone else is online gaming!

The most notable change in this update is the addition of age-based parental controls. Instead of selecting content and websites for each of your children’s profiles, you select an age bracket for them, like pre-teen, child, or teenager, and the Wisper Home app will populate a list of blocked content and websites based on age restrictions. You can still add or delete content from this list, or you can create your own!

Among the new features are a couple of name changes. Devices, Locations, and Profiles have been renamed to Things, Places, and People. You can still control the same functions, just with a new name!

You might also notice an “i” icon in your tabs. If you click on these info cards, they offer information and functionality of each tab, and in some cases will walk you through the setup of that feature!

One more fun feature is that now you can adjust the brightness of the LED lights on your router from the app! No more covering lights with tape or post-its to get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for help setting up your router and app or just want an idea of what you can do with the Wisper Home app, we have a series of how-to videos on our Wisper YouTube! You can also watch our update overviews over on Behind the Internet.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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  • Caller ID
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Wisper Home App

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