Customer FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of Wisper Internet customer FAQs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us here.

Can you explain my invoice?

  • Invoice Date: The date that your invoice is generated. If you have autopay, that is the date that the funds will be drafted
  • Your invoice #: This will change monthly when a new invoice comes out
  • Customer Account #: The number that we use to identify you as our customer
  • Billing Cycle: 15-day net billing cycle
  • Charges: Plan, dates, and the total cost due
  • Description: Shows your plan as well as the dates that the invoice is covering
  • Total Charges: Charges for that invoice
  • Please Pay: The date that we must receive payment
  • Balance Due: This is the total amount due

What am I paying for in my service?

  • Installation Fee: Wisper charges a $100 Installation Fee at the time of service.
  • Equipment Fee: Wisper charges a $7.00 monthly equipment fee which includes the router installed inside the home, cabling, and outdoor wireless radio installed on your home.
  • Service/Plan: Wisper charges a monthly fee for services provided. Charges are dependent on the Internet Package you have requested based on availability in your area.

Do you prorate?

  • Should a customer cancel their service within 72 hours from their monthly invoice date, then Wisper will allow customers a 72-hour probation period. In all other instances, the customer will be liable for the full month’s subscription. ACH Customers: (By check) Before we allow a Proration for ACH- Customers
    • We must receive the returned equipment
    • Allow 10-14 days past the payment date to ensure that the payment has processed (ACH)
  • Autopay Customers
    • We must receive the returned equipment
    • Allow 10-14 days past the payment date to ensure that the payment has processed (ACH)

Can I freeze my account?

  • Yes, you can freeze your account. Please see our account freeze guidelines below.
    • Establish Deadline
    • Account must be current and on Wisper Autopay
    • All applicable credits and balances are to be settled and made before the start of the freeze period
    • Customer balance MUST be $0 to avoid late fees and suspension of the account
    • The freeze applies ONLY to the next bill, NOT current. The current billing period will not be prorated
    • Equipment Disposition: Wisper ISP retains the right to recover client equipment during the term of the freeze
    • Customers will pay a $10 monthly fee each month that the freeze is active
    • An email agreement is needed
  • If you need to freeze your account, please call (800) 765-7772 to speak to Billing.

How do I request down-time credit?

  • To request credit for down-time, send an email to
  • Wisper customers have sixty (60) days from the invoice date to dispute any charges.

I have a new router, what’s the next step?

  • If you received a new router from Wisper, or purchased one on your own, please contact tech support during our support weekday business hours so they can provision it for you.

Am I getting the speeds I am paying for?

  • We offer “up-to” speeds. If you are paying for the 5Mbps package, you will get as close to 5Mbps as possible. However, if you have Non-Line-of-Sight equipment because you have trees and obstructions between you and the tower, your speeds will be lower. Otherwise, if you have clear line-of-sight to the tower, you should get the maximum speed. When running a speed test, your results will be measured in Mbps. When downloading files, you will see your speed measured in bytes (MB/s), not bits (Mbps).

I’m getting a new roof put on. What do I need to do?

  • Call Support to schedule a paid service visit to remount your outside equipment.

What is your usage policy?

  • You can read the full policy here. While our Internet plans allow you to download an unlimited amount of data, there are laws against downloading certain things, including copyright-infringed works. When we get a DMCA complaint linked to your account, we are required by law to notify you. The first 2 “strikes” are free, and then it’s $10 per DMCA complaint up to 12, which is when we have to ask you to find another ISP.

Do you have a referral program?

  • We love it when you love the service enough to tell your friends and neighbors. We offer a referral credit of $25 for each person you sign up. They will also get a $25 credit for signing up. There is no limit to how many referral credits you can get! Get started today!

Can I make all my phones work through the phone jacks in my home?

  • Yes, you can have your whole house wired to work with VoIP phone service, but you will need to make one crucial change at your home. Failure to implement this change may result in damage to your equipment, which is replaced at your expense.
  • On the outside of your house where the phone company line comes into your home, there is a box. If you open the box on the customer access side, there is usually a phone jack with a phone cord plugged into it. You will need to unplug the phone cord and tuck it away from the jack and close the box back up. That will disconnect your house from the phone company line. Then when you hook up the box into any jack in the house, the whole house will be set up for phone service.

How can I check voicemail?

  • Dial 5001 from your home phone. Enter your PIN. If you do not know your PIN, please contact

Does the service work with fax or home security systems?

  • No, it does not work with fax. Security systems which use traditional land-lines will not work with Wisper’s VoIP Phone service. There are security systems which use the Internet instead, and those are compatible with Wisper’s VoIP Phone service, since they do not require a land-line phone connection.

When my phone rings, it doesn’t ring fully. Is this normal?

The person on the other end sounds garbled. Can you fix this?

  • Your call quality should be good. If it’s not, then we will try to fix it for you. Contact for help.

How does wireless work?

  • Many aren’t familiar with wireless, so this is a customer FAQ. We mount a radio on the outside of your home and point it to a nearby Wisper tower. The tower and the radio securely send and receive your Internet content. Wireless radio (CPE) installed on the outside of the home. From the outside radio, we run a cable into your home and install a wireless router. This allows you to connect your wired and wireless devices to the Internet, so everyone in your home can get online. We also secure (encrypt) the wireless router so others can’t “steal” your Internet.

How does wireless compare to Satellite, DSL, Cable and Fiber-Optics?

  • Satellite: Most satellites are floating in orbit between 100 and 24,000 miles away. That’s how far your data is traveling – so latency (the delay between the signal being sent and reaching its destination) is going to be much higher than just about any other option. By comparison, your nearest Wisper tower will be less than 5 miles from your house. Wisper latency times (i.e. 30ms) are a fraction of that of satellite (i.e. 400ms). Customers who switch from Satellite to Wisper are often amazed by the improvement in Internet speed and reliability. Unlike Satellite, the weather does not affect Wisper service.
  • DSL: Only available in towns, or within a certain distance to the DSL Central Office. Usually requires a phone line, so bundling with a phone is usually required. Most DSL speeds are between 1 and 3 Mbps. Beware – the older the phone lines in your town or neighborhood, the slower and less reliable your DSL Internet connection can be. If you are looking to cancel your landline telephone and get the Internet only, or you want more speed than DSL can provide, Wisper could be your solution. Cable – It can be very fast. Cable providers rank highest on lists of companies with the worst customer service. Wisper’s speeds are comparable to cable, and customers enjoy local, friendly, and knowledgeable support.
  • Fiber: It can be the fastest – but it’s not always. Providers can vary a lot – from the speeds they offer and how much they charge, to how long it takes to repair a cut fiber line and restore an outage. It’s not available everywhere, so if you have the option to choose fiber, you might want to look into it if speed is important to you.

Does weather affect Wisper Internet?

  • Unlike satellite, which can lose signal during heavy rain, weather does not typically affect the wireless signal. There are some exceptions to this, such as, severe storms and ice. Lightening can sometimes damage tower equipment. Wisper monitors the network 24/7, so tower techs know when there is an outage and can work quickly to restore service at all hours. Ice buildup can affect a specific type of antenna called a Yagi. This is the long, skinny, pronged antenna that is only used in areas with no line-of-sight to the tower.

What is power cycling?

  • When having problems with your Internet connection, the best thing to do first is power cycle both your router and your Wisper wireless equipment.
  • To reset your Wisper internet connection try the following steps:
    • Locate your Internet Adapter (POE), pictured below
    • Reboot your outside radio by unplugging this adapter from AC power
    • Wait 60 seconds then put the power plug back in
    • If you have a router, unplug it from the power for 60 seconds
    • After 2 minutes, check your computer for Internet
    • If none of these steps resolve your issue please Contact Us