Getting Started in the Wisper Home App

As we announced on October 1st, we’re launching a new service, Wisper Home! We’re rolling it out as part of the Wisper Care plan for just $15 a month. We have some more details on that in our last blog. The new feature of the Wisper Care plan is the Wisper Home app. The […]

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wisper home app
Welcome to Wisper Home

Welcome to Wisper Home! Last week we unveiled our new Wisper Home app as part of the Wisper Care plan! We’ve been working on this for months, testing new routers and functions to find our customers’ best solutions.  Wisper Care Plan: To provide the new routers, we’ve made a few changes to our Wisper […]

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Keep all of Your Devices Protected with a Secure Network

Guest Networks and Network Security We know that visiting suspicious websites on your home internet can leave you exposed to malware and viruses, but did you know that letting guests on your network also leaves you exposed? Leaving your home network exposed also leaves room for hackers to access devices on your network, like […]

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How to Get the Most out of Your Wifi

Does this sound familiar? You’re on a Zoom call in your home office, maybe in the middle of a presentation, when suddenly everything freezes and your call is dropped. How about working on a spreadsheet online when your internet crashes and your work is lost?  If you’re working from home, this can be incredibly […]

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WISP Leadership in the New Normal

By Nathan Stooke CEO of Wisper ISP COVID-19 has created a ‘new normal’ for all of us. Even though our day-to-day routines may have changed, strong leadership is more important than ever to guide your team through this transition. Leadership isn’t something you’re born into, it’s something you chose to do every day.  And […]

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phone screen showing login info, secure password
How to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember

It seems like everything needs a password these days. Your phone, your computer, your email, your banking apps, your Facebook page, even your front door can ask for a password. If you’re anything like me, keeping track of all those passwords is an absolute nightmare.  I once spent an hour on hold with the […]

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phone screen showing apps, essential apps quarantine
Behind the Internet – 5 Essential Quarantine Apps

Since the coronavirus lockdown started, we’ve all been struggling to find ways to occupy our time in quarantine. We’ve been sitting on the couch, maybe even in bed, scrolling aimlessly on social media to fill the void left by social distancing.  Across the board, screen time has gone through the roof. But what else […]

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child uses tablet, parental controls online
Using Parental Controls to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

“Don’t talk to strangers on the internet, they’ll try to kidnap you!”  As kids who grew up at the same time that the internet was coming into its own, we heard things like this constantly from our parents. Don’t  put your real name on the internet, never give out personal information, and don’t respond […]

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WiFi Icon
What Is Fixed Wireless – And Is It For Me?

Today there are several ways to get an Internet connection. Families rely on it more than ever for homework, work, entertainment, and to stay connected. Many are familiar with traditional Internet options such as Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, and Satellite. However, fixed wireless is a new name in the game. It is gaining more […]

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FCC logo
4 Valuable Things To Know About CAF II and FCC Rural Broadband

Headquartered in Southern Illinois, Wisper ISP, Inc. provides high-speed reliable internet to residents in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma (Arkansas will be added to their coverage area soon). Wisper is a rising competitor in the Wireless Internet Industry, as they were the second-largest winner in the FCC’s rural broadband auction, the Connect America […]

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