10 Valuable Things To Spotlight About Our COO

To be the most efficient and successful version of itself, Wisper Internet has adopted the EOS Model. The EOS Model outlines the idea that there are six key components to every business, no matter the size or industry. The six components are vision, data, process, traction, issues, and people. The model then continues to say that if businesses continuously work to strengthen these six components, they will achieve success.

Don’t worry. The model doesn’t stop there. It provides insight on the necessary roles and steps to strengthen these six components. Let’s start with the basics, the leadership team. A successful business is much more difficult to build, if not impossible to build, without a strong leadership team.

One of the fundamental leadership roles named by the EOS Model is that of Integrator. The EOS Model defines Integrator as “the person who is the tie-breaker for the leadership team, is the glue for the organization, holds everything together, beats the drum (provides cadence), is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization.” Sound like an important role? It is.

We knew choosing a person for the role of Integrator wasn’t going to be a light-hearted decision. After much time and consideration, we choose Ginny Wood to serve as Integrator, or Chief Operations Officer (COO), as we refer to her. The addition of the role allows Wisper Founder and CEO, Nathan Stooke to hone into his strengths and be a true visionary by relinquishing his Integrator responsibilities.

Ginny is an entrepreneurial COO, EOS Integrator, and general manager experienced in building and growing businesses ranging from start-ups to $2 Billion in annual revenue. It’s no surprise that she thrives in rough waters. Even though she serves in a high-level role, she is equally comfortable collaborating with peers, leading or managing, being accountable for the P&L or systematically attacking a company’s toughest operational challenges. It’s safe to say that you can call her a Jill of all trades.

To help us get to know her better, we asked Ginny a few questions. Here are 10 Valuable Things To Spotlight About Our COO.

1. What was it like growing up?

Although I was born in Iowa City, IA, and spent some early years in San Diego, most of my formative years were in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m blessed to be flanked by an older sister and younger brother who are each a neighbor of mine now. My parents both drove and inspired my growth and continue to model a good life.

2. What’s your morning routine?

I fill my proverbial cup before 8 am. After 8 hours of sleep, I make strong coffee in a mocha pot and meditate for 20 minutes or so. Depending on the time zone I’m in, I’ll either start working right away or get a cardio workout in.

3. What’s your educational background?

I have an undergrad Business degree + 36 hours of Japanese language study + M.B.A., Finance + Full-stack software development boot camp (5-months) in San Francisco.

4. What’s your career journey?

My past P&L responsibility includes five businesses — one grown from nothing to a $1.8M run-rate in 8 months and one where I served as President driving $14M in sales and an expanded 45% net margin.

For fun, I took a career break to attend the premier full-stack development school, Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco, where I graduated in the top third of my class.

5. Do you have professional goals?

Learn, grow, improve.

6. What are your work habits?

  • Block the time to get the most important things done.
  • Take time to listen and serve the people on my team.
  • Plan a week in advance + review tomorrow tonight.
  • Focus on my health so I am present in my work.

7. What are your hobbies?

Family, wonderful friends, running, swimming, biking, yoga, reading, avocados, playing outside, a good night’s sleep, and a love of learning new things every day makes me feel like the richest person on the planet.

8. Tell us about your family!

I’m Mother of 3 adult children, a sister, and a daughter. I’m a member of a kind, funny, and loving family.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Take the time to know yourself. Knowing who you are allows you to live your life with purpose and meaning.

10. How do you find balance?

Balance is a daily dose of good sleep, exercise, healthy food, good work, and love.