What Is Fixed Wireless – And Is It For Me?

Today there are several ways to get an Internet connection. Families rely on it more than ever for homework, work, entertainment, and to stay connected. Many are familiar with traditional Internet options such as Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, and Satellite. However, fixed wireless is a new name in the game. It is gaining more and more attention as a valuable alternative Internet option.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless is another way to receive broadband Internet. Users are connected using radio signals, and no cables are needed. Wireless Internet avoids costly, time consuming inground fiber installations. This allows the wireless Internet service provider (WISP) operator to get service where it is needed much faster! It also saves the customer money!

It is more common in rural communities where other providers won’t go. It is fast and consistent with unlimited data, which is perfect for streaming all your favorite shows.

How Does it Work?

How it works is really pretty simple. A wireless broadband provider mounts a radio outside of your home and aims it at a nearby structure. Structures include towers, water towers, grain bin elevators, poles, etc. The structure and the radio securely send and receive your Internet content. A wireless radio (CPE) is installed on the outside of the home. From the outside radio, a cable is run into your home, along with a wireless router. This allows you to connect your wired and wireless devices to the Internet, so everyone in your home can get online.

How Does Wireless Compare To Satellite, DSL, Cable, And Fiber-Optics?

  • Satellite: Most satellites are floating in orbit between 100 and 24,000 miles away. That’s how far your data is traveling – so latency (the delay between the signal being sent and reaching its destination) is going to be much higher than just about any other option. By comparison, your nearest Wisper tower will be less than 5 miles from your house. Wisper latency times (i.e. 30ms) are a fraction of that of satellite (i.e. 400ms). Customers who switch from Satellite to Wisper are often amazed by the improvement in Internet speed and reliability. Unlike Satellite, weather does not affect Wisper service.
  • DSL: Only available in towns, or within a certain distance to the DSL Central Office. Usually requires a phone line, so bundling with phone is usually required. Most DSL speeds are between 1 and 3 Mbps. Beware – the older the phone lines in your town or neighborhood, the slower and less reliable your DSL Internet connection can be. If you are looking to cancel your landline telephone and get Internet only, or you want more speed than DSL can provide, Wisper could be your solution.
  • Cable: It can be very fast. Cable providers rank highest on lists of companies with the worst customer service. Wisper’s speeds are comparable to cable, and customers enjoy local, friendly, and knowledgeable support.
  • Fiber: It can be the fastest – but it’s not always. Providers can vary a lot – from the speeds they offer and how much they charge, to how long it takes to repair a cut fiber line and restore an outage. It’s not available everywhere, so if you have the option to choose fiber, you might want to look into it if speed is important to you.

Does Weather Affect Wisper Internet?

Unlike satellite, which can lose signal during heavy rain, weather does not typically affect the wireless signal. There are some exceptions to this, such as, severe storms and ice. Lightening can sometimes damage tower equipment. Wisper monitors the network 24/7, so tower techs know when there is an outage and can work quickly to restore service at all hours. Ice buildup can affect a specific type of antenna called a Yagi. This is the long, skinny, pronged antenna that is only used in areas with no line-of-sight to the tower.

Is Fixed Wireless for Me?

If your current internet providers are limited and not offering the speeds you need, it may be time to look into a fixed wireless solution. Service is fast and consistent with unlimited data which is perfect for streaming all your favorite shows. Check to see if it is available in your area!

About Wisper Internet

The idea of connecting others started when a friend didn’t have Internet access at his business. Therefore, Nathan Stooke accepted the challenge. It took a little research, a few maxed out credit cards, and hard work. After that, Wisper Internet was born. Wisper thrives by bridging the gap in rural America with fast Internet. In other words, we help you connect and create opportunities in your community.

Headquartered in Mascoutah, Illinois, our team is known for problem-solving, and spot-on customer service. Above all we have an ever-growing staff, which means you can now find us across Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. To sum up, we are here to help you.