Wisper Celebrates 4-H Week

A key component to providing reliable internet service to rural communities is supporting groups, clubs, and organizations in those communities. For many years, Wisper has partnered with schools and especially 4-H clubs to provide services that facilitate and improve educational atmospheres whether it be in a classroom, in a field, or barn. Chartered in 1933,… Read More

Wisper Serving Those Who Serve Others During Fire Prevention Week

The days of horse-drawn pumpers, buckets, and dalmatians have given way to handheld devices, drones, and instant information. When you think of firefighters, you may not always think of the internet, but the evolving natures of both the fire service and connectivity are merging on the frontlines of public safety. In conjunction with the annual… Read More

Wisper Helps Keep Small Business Connected During Pandemic

In 2020, roughly 50% of Americans were working from home, and while some of us have to worry about checking our email and attending the weekly conference call, others have adapted to fully running their small business from their homes. Whether that’s shipping orders, answering customer inquiries, or in this case, hosting virtual music lessons…. Read More

Wisper Celebrates International Women’s Day

In case you missed it, March 8th was International Women’s Day! This year’s theme for Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge, focusing on challenging the stereotypes people have about women, especially at work. We sat down with a couple of the ladies on our Wisper Sales and Marketing team to get their perspective on being a woman… Read More

Wisper Keeps Farmers Connected, Supports Rural Communities

A key takeaway from the COVID-19 Pandemic is the prevalence of technology in today’s workforce and education system. Because of the important role technology plays, rural Americans are facing a crisis known as the digital divide. Without access to reliable, high-speed Internet like their urban counterparts, residents of rural communities have fewer opportunities available to… Read More

Wisper Partners with Microsoft on New Digital Literacy Resources

Mascoutah, IL (March 3, 2021) – Today Wisper ISP, LLC’s announced efforts with Microsoft Corp. to provide digital skilling and literacy resources to the communities it serves in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. This builds on an existing agreement between the two companies aimed at expanding access to broadband Internet in rural communities… Read More

Wisper Announces $1,000 Scholarship In Memory Of Trevor Dickhaut

Wisper ISP, LLC founded the Trevor Dickhaut Scholarship in 2020. Trevor worked for Wisper Internet part-time while attending Mascoutah High School in Mascoutah, IL. In April of 2020, Trevor’s life was abruptly ended in an automobile accident a few weeks before he was to graduate. Trevor experienced many challenges in his life, but he always… Read More

Keeping Your Family Safe Online: “Together for a Better Internet”

For those of us who grew up with the internet, or have at least had several years of experience with it in our personal and professional lives, we can sometimes take internet safety for granted: don’t talk to strangers, don’t post your address or your personal information, double-check a website before you place an order…. Read More

Wisper Internet Thanks Essential Healthcare Workers at Local Hospitals

Belleville, IL (January 13, 2021) – Wisper ISP, Inc. donates goodies, such as candy, energy bars, crackers, ear savers, and more to thank the essential healthcare workers at Memorial Hospital Belleville. As the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic took hold on America, Wisper decided to take action by thanking those at the frontlines in… Read More

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