Fort Worth, Texas – July 26, 2023 – Element8, a leading next-generation internet service provider (ISP), backed by a $200 million strategic investment from Digital Alpha, has announced its strategic investment into Wisper ISP, led by industry visionary Nathan Stooke. This transformative partnership marks a significant milestone for the telecommunications industry and strengthens Element8’s commitment… Read More

Wisper Internet Gives Back with Partners for Pets

Wisper Internet recently donated the proceeds from an employee trivia night to Partners for Pets, a no-kill animal shelter based in St. Jacob, Ill. Last year, the facility rescued 1,675 dogs and cats locally and from neighboring states. The animals are assisted by 250 volunteers who are currently caring for 250 animals both in foster… Read More

ACP: ‘Wispering’ 350 Connections

There is a lot of “alphabet soup” associated with the internet business. Bits, bytes, gigs, and megs. ISPs, Wi-Fi, and MDUs, just to scratch the surface. Another acronym that many in our industry may not be as familiar with is the ACP: Affordable Connectivity Program. In its first form, the ACP was known as another… Read More

Wisper Supports Honor Flight

Thank You. Two insignificant words can be the most powerful anyone can hear. This summer, Wisper Internet has sponsored two Honor Flights of military veterans to Washington D.C. to tour memorials to American conflicts, different branches of the armed forces, and other monuments to the founders and defenders of our nation. Last weekend a group… Read More

19 Years of Wisper

Happy Birthday Wisper: Moving Forward, Looking Back, Keeping Promises In 1905, author George Santayana coined the phrase “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The same phrase or variation of it was made famous by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill decades later as he guided Great Britain through World War… Read More

What About the 14%?

I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you can guess Wisper Internet and our employees are proud of the small towns we live in and humbly confident in the fact we are connecting small communities to great broadband service… Read More

The Top Apps Parents Should Know Their Kids Are Using

As kids get older, they become more interested in using apps on their smartphones and tablets. While some apps are perfectly safe and age-appropriate, others can be dangerous for children. As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the most popular apps your kids are using, so you can make sure they’re staying safe… Read More

Internet Safety – Someone Send Up the Bat Signal

Everybody loves a good superhero story, right? In the 1930s we were introduced to a few in 10-cent comics, the 1960s brought us the Silver Age of superheroes including corny tv shows (Pow, Wham, Boom) featuring over-the-top villains and it took until the mid to late 1980s before we got a real serious look at… Read More

Wisper Home – Like Bubble Wrap for the Internet

As parents, we have no greater desire and duty than to keep our children safe. If you’ve ever been around kids of any age this can be a tall order. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard you try, their number one goal in life is to find a way to hurt themselves. This can… Read More

Wisper Salutes the Men and Women in Law Enforcement

We have all had that sick, sinking feeling in our stomachs when we see the red and blue lights on top of a police car pull in behind us, or in some cases as we pass a sitting police car going way too fast. It sparks anxiety for us, but law enforcement officers (LEO) are… Read More

Wisper Salutes the Military, Past and Present

Did you know May is Military Appreciation Month? Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day are both set aside to honor our military members living and dead, but I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know about Military Appreciation month. Wisper Internet headquarters in Mascoutah, Ill. is just a stone’s throw (poor choice of words) from Scott Air… Read More

Wisper Salutes the Men and Women of EMS

Imagine meeting someone on the worst day of their lives. This happens every day for hundreds of paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in small towns and big cities all over the country. Everyone loves the stories of cops and firefighters, but the unsung “other” responders who have dedicated their lives to helping people are… Read More

Wisper Salutes Firefighters and First Responders

In recent years, May the 4th has become known as “Star Wars Day” for obvious reasons. But did you know, May the 4th is National Firefighter’s Day and they have true stories from towns not so far, far away, and definitely not from a long time ago. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there… Read More

Wisper Internet Salutes Teachers Past and Present

Do you have a favorite teacher? Not just the cool teacher everyone liked, but a teacher who played a key role in your life. This could be a teacher from grade school, junior high, high school, or even college. Now the real question…Have you ever thanked them? I’m lucky enough to have two teachers like… Read More

The Wisper Adventures of Ronnie and Randi

****The names of some characters have been changed to protect whatever***** Earlier this week, in the middle of a crazy (typical) Missouri spring day, two marketing employees for Wisper Internet made their way to the state capitol in Jefferson City from points east and west. They had top-level meetings with three state senators and one… Read More

Wisper Pledges $500,000 to Improvements in Fairmont City, IL

What were you doing in 2003? More specifically, do you remember something you bought in 2003? I’m betting, unless you had a major life event (marriage, graduation, children) or made a major purchase like a house or car, the answer to both questions would be…No. Let’s break it down even more. If you answered yes… Read More

Even Sleep Overs Are Moving Online

Virtual Sleepovers? How do you pillow fight? When you were a kid, was there anything quite as fun as a sleepover, or better yet a slumber party? Now let’s set a few ground rules right away. I understand these are two very different experiences depending on if you are a boy or girl. For boys,… Read More

Wisper Goes the Extra Mile to ‘Spoil’ their Customers

The extra mile? When did we forget to be nice? A brighter light is shined on being kind and taking the time to go the extra mile for others. These are great things, but at what point did we as humans deprogram ourselves to not put our family, friends, neighbors, and sometimes total strangers first?… Read More