Wisper Installs First CAF II Customer in the State of Missouri

first CAF install in missouri, group stands in customers home following install

Barton, Barry, and Dade MO (February 24, 2021) – Wisper ISP, LLC expands their service network to Barton, Barry, and Dade County, MO. Eligible residents are now able to be set up for install.

Nichole Ogden of Lockwood was Wisper’s first Connect America Fund Phase II (CAF II) customer to be installed with service in the State of Missouri. When asked about why she was excited for Wisper to expand to her area, she said, “My husband has worked from home for the last 3- years without a high-speed, reliable Internet connection. You can imagine the frustration. Work can be difficult enough without constant disruptions. On a more personal note, my kids are excited to start streaming. We only have 5 TV channels right now and we always feel like we’re being left out of the trends.” Mention Nichole’s name when scheduling your installation to receive a $25 account credit with Wisper’s referral program.

Wisper Internet’s expansion to Barton, Barry, and Dade County is due to their success in the CAF II. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held the CAF II, a rural broadband auction, in 2018. Wisper was named the winner of $220.3 million in the auction; funds were allocated to the following six states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The equipment deployed will be fixed wireless technology and will be found on the seven elevated structures within the three counties. See below for a list of locations. Fixed Wireless Technology uses elevated structures, such as water towers, cell towers, grain elevators, etc. to reach a resident’s home. Current capabilities do require the equipment on a resident’s roof to have ‘line of sight’ to the elevated structure. That means no trees or terrain can be blocking the visual path. A resident will reside no more than 3 -5 miles from the elevated structure to receive the desired signal strength.

Barton County, MO

  • Commercial Tower – 623 Northeast 5th Ln; Lamar, MO 64759 Commercial Tower – 31 North Highway HH; Lamar, MO 64759 Grain Leg – 105 South Highway KK; Lamar, MO 64759

Barry County, MO

  • Commercial Tower – Farm Road 2057; Monett, MO 65708

Dade County, MO

  • Commercial Tower – 241 Route D; Lockwood, MO 65682
  • Commercial Tower – 94 North Dade 81; Lockwood, MO
  • 65682 Commercial Tower – 14 Route D; Lockwood, MO 65682

Eligible residents will be able to receive the following speeds and prices: Surf: 10 Mbps X 2 Mbps for $50/month

  • Surf Plus: 15 Mbps X 3 Mbps for $65/month
  • Surf Preferred: 25 Mbps X 5 Mbps for $75/month Surf Pro: 50 Mbps X 5 Mbps for $85/month
  • Surf Extreme: 100 Mbps X 20 Mbps for $105/month

To determine service eligibility, contact the Wisper Sales Team at (800) 765-7772 or sales@wisperisp.com.

Wisper has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their Lifeline Program. The Lifeline program offers a discount off of service for low-income households. If you believe you are eligible for the Lifeline Program and would like to apply, please visit: www.lifelinesupport.org. When approved, you will receive an approval letter. To receive the discount, the approval letter will need to be emailed to sales@wisperisp.com.

Wisper ISP, LLC is a Wireless Internet Service Provider with 180 employees and 20,000 subscribers across Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Wisper is based out of Mascoutah, IL, in the St. Louis Metro Area, with regional offices in Joplin and Washington, MO. Wisper customers in rural and metropolitan communities receive fast, reliable service and friendly, helpful customer service.