Wisper Internet Launches 18 New Towers in October 2021

As part of the ongoing crusade to provide high-speed internet to rural communities, Wisper Internet is pleased to announce the launch of 18 new towers, serving more than 56,500 households in 17 communities across Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas with Tarana technology.

Wisper is one of the first companies nationwide to use the new cutting-edge Tarana technology, offering up to 400 Mbps packages with a greater line of sight wireless penetration. The expansion of these towers is part of Wisper’s pledge to provide wireless internet service to rural communities across five states as part of the Connect America Fund which includes $33 million focused on broadband in the Illinois counties of Williamson, Saline, Fayette, and Jackson; Cape Girardeau, St. Genevieve, Jasper, Christian, Greene, Dade, and Polk counties in Missouri; as well as Clay County Arkansas.

“At Wisper we feel internet service is vital to every home just like water, electricity, and other utilities,” Wisper founder and CEO Nathan Stooke said. “Unlike water and power, residents have a choice of which company they trust to provide their internet service. This expansion highlights Wisper’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of residents in rural areas and small towns across the Midwest.”

Wisper has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their Lifeline Program, as well as the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program (EBB). The Lifeline program offers discounted services for low-income households. If you believe you are eligible for the Lifeline Program and would like to apply, please visit: www.lifelinesupport.org.

The EBB Program offers households affected by the pandemic monthly service discounts up to $50, as well as credit for the purchase of eligible devices. To apply for the benefit, visit getemergencybroadband.org. If you are approved, please contact Wisper and provide your EBB approval letter.

Wisper Internet operates on fixed wireless technology. In order to connect people via fixed wireless, Wisper mounts a transmitter onto an elevated structure, like a water tower or grain elevator. Customers receive that signal into a small dish located on the outside of their home, which then transmits their signal to their router, where they can it on all their favorite devices! Tarana was created while trying to solve the issues associated with America’s fixed wireless system. While searching for a way to bring modern speed requirements to remote areas without going over budgets, the team at Tarana developed the Gigabit 1 system.

For more information on this exciting service expansion, the new Tarana system, or to determine service eligibility, contact the Wisper Sales Team at (800) 765-7772 or sales@wisperisp.com.
Wisper ISP, LLC, based in Mascoutah, Ill., is a wireless internet service provider with more than 200 employees and 20,000 subscribers across Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.